Oy! Don’t Need to be around Here! Not much going on (yet, anyways…)

Here’s the thing, blokes. I can’t have a media empire if I can’t take care of myself, and over this last year, I have been doing much of that. Some of my best work has been happening at my job, and on the side, I’ve been working on life. For one part of that in particular, I was asked to share over at the wonderful site, “Drillsoul.com: Motivation for the Modern Nerd” by my best friend, Pat Hessman. So check it out, and check back here later!

La-Ti-Dovakhin – Level Up with the Power of Music – Guest Post

So if Pennsylvania is Keystone, what about…

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Deüdl Max 001 – TV is brainless

Here I am, watching some 3rd Rock from the Sun, and I can’t even draw something even tangentially related.

That being said, it’s been a while since just let the synapses ooze out through a pen. Vectors are fine and dandy, but I really need to work on my depth.

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Deüdl 002 – Hello, old friend.


I could go on and on about my love for Oddworld, and there’s a very good chance that will happen.

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Bahahahaha, This is Hilarious…Somebody Hold Me… – An Artist Spotlight


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Fictional Favorites – Favorite Movie Ending – the Epilogue from “The Boxtrolls”

Stop-motion is my favorite genre of animation. Above all others, from conception to creation, it shows the humanity of the people making the movie. Even at it’s cleanest, most professional level, there is still a roughness to the characters and world that cannot be entirely emulated in CGI animation. Even with the assistance computers bring to the medium and the time saved with 3d printing, it’s the fact that the whole world still needs to be built and that the characters are still painstakingly animated frame-by-frame, that makes a Stop-motion picture unique.

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Deüdl 001 – I Need to Zoom out.

I love drawing in paint. Drawing in paint is like playing minecraft…except Read more

Mind Bending Monday (On a Tuesday) – A Brief History of Israel

Well this video took over the rest of my night, and has now taken the post virginity of this website.

2 years old, and having just now been brought aware of its existence, it surprises me how this video has been so narrowly shared. Its simple yet reverberating delivery hones the common ideas and goals nations use to claim their right to that war torn spot of real estate on the Mediterranean coast.

Beautifully animated in a hieroglyphics style using Flash, Nina Paley’s work can be found on her website, http://blog.ninapaley.com/